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Client Requirements

Endeavour, through organic growth and recent acquisition of SEMAFO and Teranga, has undergone significant corporate growth and was faced with developing and integrating policies and standards across its six operations in three different countries/jurisdictions. The management of tailings was inconsistent across the group with varying practice across the individual sites. Endeavour was committed to the development of guidance systems aligned to the World Gold Council’s Responsible Gold Mining Principles (RGMP) and the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) to manage this area of business risk.

Project Solutions and Approach

MineScope was engaged to assist in the development of Group Tailings Management Policy and Standard and then rollout the Standard to each mine site.

The Policy was developed in close consultation with the Endeavour Executive Management team to align with key Corporate Sustainability and Risk Management directives from the Board. The Standard was then developed to support the Policy and informed by the RGMP and the GISTM.

The Standard rollout process involved liaison with site personnel to assess current data/practice against the new Standard, develop a compliance Gap Analysis and then prepare a tailored Corrective Action Plan solution for each site.

Outcomes and Achievements

The Tailings Management policy and standard were developed, approved, and released for use. Each site was engaged (including site visits) for the rollout program which provided information and education about the standardised requirements for tailings management. This included the provision of assessment tools, summary reports and a program of activities for site personnel to action to improve their level of compliance.